The novelty of our natural herbicide lies in the fact that while the active ingredients of synthetic (chemical) herbicides pollute our environment, the natural ingredients of our FitoCid product do not have a detrimental effect on our wildlife.

The location of our project is Fitoland Ltd.'s site in Leányvár, which is located in a specifically agricultural environment. The agri-environment provided an opportunity for the establishment of nearby experimental sites and observations in the natural environment. Our experiments were performed on small and large surfaces, meadows, pastures, fields, reeds and other imperial areas.

As a result of the research work, a total herbicide has been created that consists only of natural substances and does not have any harmful effects on the environment. In addition to small and large-scale agricultural applications, it can also be used in the chemical-free weed control of closed gardens, public areas, public institutions, children's and health care institutions. It is a great help in the preparatory work and further operation of the organic farms area.

With the creation of this product, one of the most important principles of our corporate philosophy and our world, the protection of the natural environment and the promotion of sustainable development, has been realized.

Flora, Celje - 2019

MSV, Brno - 2019

Workshop I. - 2020.05.09

Workshop II. - 2020.06.26

Fitoland Ltd. has been in the service of horticulture for 30 years. Our company tries to offer more and more opportunities for the emerging horticultural needs. This is how weed control came to the forefront of our project.

Weed control has been a task that has been occuring and to be solved ever since mankind started growing plants. In addition to manual methods, mechanical and aminly chemical solutions have come to the fore nowadays. Chemical weed control is a common practice in all areas of crop production, with the exception of course, organic farming. But the experience shows that sustainable farming, "gentle" weed control, is gaining prominence.



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